Quilt by Design, Inc. is ready to provide a quality product at a
reasonable price that you actually design yourself.  We will
accompany you through the entire process.  Our customer support
people are experts in producing the products you want  Whether it is
a Comforter, Bedspread, Drapery, Quilt, or any combination of these

You can chose from our fabrics or supply fabrics of your choice from
your own selected fabric shop.  We will work with you in making sure
you know exactly how many yards  of fabric it will take to produce
your selection.

                            We will have these shipped directly to you
                            in 4 to 6 weeks or less.  Decorate your
                            bedroom your way.  No longer will you be
                            subject to use just what is available in the
                            the large big box store chains.  No longer
                            will you be limited to what some designer
                            decides what is in this season.  You now
                            have the power to choose for yourself and
                            what suits your taste and desires.

                            We can give you the options that until now,
                            were unavailable to the public to decide.  
                            We also will work with your designer if you prefer   
                            to in making your choices work for you.
Quilt by Design, Inc.
Quilt by Design, Inc.
offers you Custom Bedroom Designs

Our flexability gives us the opportunity to fabricate
to customer specifications.  Our trained professional
staff is always available to answer any questions
pertaining to your specific needs.  Custom
manufactured one of a kind bedding, made in the
USA by proven designers and sewers
100% Quality Satisifaction-Fast Dependable
is our guarantee
Here at Quilt by Design we are dedicated to
providing you with the quality products you would
expect from an American manufacturer.  Our
expertise allows us to offer the best turn-around
from time of order placement to time of delivery of
any competitor in our industry.
Our products are Made in USA
We've been in the business for over 25 years
Call us anytime day or night
Beatuiful Brown/Tan Soft Suede Duvet with
or without a Burgundy Diamond insert
(shown) or Suede and Burgundy stripes.